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Conference Time:  2:05-2:50 pm.

Karman Berry
-Bachelor of Science in Biology/Wildlife and Fisheries from Texas A&M, WHOOP!
-M. Ed. from Lamar University, Go LU! 

At Waller High School, I am fortunate to work with the following group(s):
Advisor for Science Olympiad. 

I love being outdoors and learning about the beautiful world we have so graciously been given the opportunity to inhabit.  There is so much to learn about Science, Texas, Water, (how they are connected) and the awesome Deep Blue Ocean. I love FIELD TRIPS!

I have been teaching since January 2006, all at Waller High School.  I am certified Life Science 8-12, and Science 8-12, and Science 4-8.  I have taught Biology and Chemistry (on level and PAP), Aquatic Science, and Science Accelerated.  I always want my students to know that I would walk a million miles to help them, but they too MUST have ownership of their learning.
Personal Learning Philosophy:
Students do not experience an Achievement Gap,
but they often suffer from an Experience Gap...so lets get going!

You may contact me via email: 
or by phone:  936-372-3654 
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